Crop Roller Benefits

Advance Benefits Of Crop Rollers

Learn how crop rollers can enhance no-till farming.

Rolling Cover Crops With Crop Roller - Advance Cover Crops

Improves Weed Suppression

Rolling and compressing improves the weed suppression of the cover crops.

Cover Crop - Corn Growing Through Cover Crops - Advance Cover Crops

Reduces Herbicide Use

One pass with a roller can turn vetch into a 5-inch thick, weed-suppressing mulch.

Filling Crop Roller With Water - Advance Cover Crops

Add Extra Weight

Add up to 75 lbs. per linear foot with water or other liquids to enhance performance.

All Benefits

聽Cover crop management without herbicides or tillage

聽Reduced herbicides in conventional no-till systems

聽Mulching effects and barrier attributes of cover crop are maximized

聽Rolling and compressing improves the weed suppression of the cover crop

聽Reduction of water evaporation from the soil

聽Better incorporation of crop residue in organic farming

聽Can be built from 6鈥 wide (2 rows) to 30鈥 wide (10 rows) and up to 60鈥 wide on planter frames

聽Roller is ground driven

聽Blades are arranged in chevron pattern to prevent bouncing

聽Blades are welded and replacement blades can be bolted on as needed

聽Can either be mounted 3 point on tractors or horse drawn

聽Water or other liquid can be added for more weight, which makes for better performance on hard soil. Weight of the 10.5鈥 Cover Crop Roller is 1680 lbs. empty and 2470 lbs. filled with water.

聽Designed with the chevron pattern, these rollers are able to maximize the amount of pressure placed on every inch of cover crop being crimped. This design also allows the roller to go smoothly across the field due to its constant contact.

聽The Cover Crop Roller mounts to the front of the tractor with a three point hitch; leaving room for the seeder at the back. This means you can knock down weed-suppressing mats of cover crop, and plant through it all in the same pass!

Used in Organic Farming

Our selected Crop Roller brand,聽I&J mfg, has over 20 years of design innovation with the聽Rodale Institute.

I&J mfg. Crop Rollers are engineered to be user friendly with lasting quality for an extended life span.

Cover Crop Seeds

Shop cover crops seeds from our trusted brands.

Bio Till - Advance Cover Crops
Grassland Oregon - Advance Cover Crops
Cover Crop Seeds - Advance Cover Crops

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    Enhance no-till farming operations with our line of crop rollers. Our rollers have 20+ years of design innovation with the Rodale Institute. They are engendered for usability and lasting quality. Paired with top cover crop brands, you will get the results your operations require.

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