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Summer Cocktail

Whether it’s following wheat harvest, preventing plant situations, seeding after corrective dirt work or a grazing rotation, summer cover crops and summer cocktail mixes are a great addition to any operation. In just one growing season, through use of the summer cocktail mixes a noticeable difference can be realized depending on the type of mix used. By utilizing a large variety of species, we can address several issues concerning your soils, while improving the biological as well as beneficial insect populations and health.

Through utilization of summer cocktail mixes, compaction is addressed, weed suppression is achieved, increase nutrient cycling and nutrient stabilization is achieved, maximum weight gains on livestock is provided through a diverse mix, and a noticeable yield increase is realized in the following cash crop after use or a summer cocktail mix.

There is a large amount of variations of summer cocktail mixes that can be utilized, whether you have your own mix or would like advice on what are popular options, please reach out to use to provide the correct information and cost. +618 922 7446

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Soil Health - Advance Cover Crops

Soil Health

Cover Crop - Shield Broadleaf Mustard - Advance Cover Crops


Flooding In Field - Advance Cover Crops

Prevent Plant Situations

Cover Crop Cocktail Mix - Advance Cover Crops
Cover Crop - Sunflower - Advance Cover Crops
Cover Crop - Sunflower - Advance Cover Crops

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Advance Cover Crops only selects the best products in the industry. Our selection of Crop Rollers has over 20 years of design innovation with the Rodale Institute. These Crop Rollers are engineered to be user friendly with lasting quality for an extended life span.

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    Advance Cover Crops selects only the best products in the industry. With 20+ years in the industry, we know what works. After seeing the success cover crops have had in our own operations, we dedicated ourselves to educating and helping others do the same. Our selection of trusted brands include Bio Till, Grassland Oregon and I&G mfg.

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