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Cover CropSeeding Rates

At Advance Cover Crops, we select only the best products in the industry. With 20+ years in the industry, we know what works. After seeing the success cover crops have had in our own operations, we dedicated ourselves to educating and helping others do the same. Our selection of trusted brands include Bio Till Grassland and Oregon.

Below, we’ve put together a cover crop seeding rate chart to assist you in selecting the right crop for your operations.
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  • NS = N Scavenger
  • SB = Soil Builder
  • EC = Erosion Control
  • WI = Increased Water Infiltration
  • QG = Quick Growth
  • RC = Reduces Compaction
  • E = Excellent
  • VG = Very Good
  • G = Good
  • F = Fair
  • QG = Quick Growth

Bounty Annual Ryegrass – Reduces soy cyst nematode, non alleopathic, decomposes rapidly, N&P scavenger

Austrian Winter Peas – Some plants may survive winter, good N production, mix with annual ryegrass or radish

Crimson Clover – Good early spring N production, can winter kill some years, more research needed

Hairy Vetch – Varietal differences in hardiness, 30% hard seed is common, new plants will emerge for several years

Purple Top Turnips – Similar to radish, aids in control of some nematodes

3 Way cover Mix — Blend of Bounty ARG and Dixie Crimson Clover, deep rooting plus N production

Soil Buster Mix — A deep rooting blend of Bounty ARG and Daikon Radish

Purple Top Turnips – Similar to radish, aids in control of some nematodes

Buckeye Mix — Blend of Crimson Clover and Daikon Radish, easier crop to manage

Cereal Rye – Good choice for late seeding, rapid spring growth, alleopathic to corn

Cahaba Vetch — Summer annual, will frost kill, ideal seeded after wheat harvest, mix with Annual Ryegrass for grazing


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