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Adam Dahmer

Advanced Cover Crops Founder

I, Adam Dahmer, come from a farm that became one hundred percent no-till in 1983 and incorporated cover crops into the operation in the late 90’s. Seeing the benefits brought to our operation, first with no-till and now with the use of cover crops, I am very passionate about soil health and good stewardship of the land. Observing the crop stress in the heat of the summer when conditions are the driest I noticed that on the acres we farm our plant health is much better and the signs of stress are reduced.

Realizing the benefits that good stewardship and cover crops have brought to our operation, I decided it is time to help other operations move forward through use of cover crops. The benefits through use of cover crops are endless, and to this date we have only began to realize what advantages they can bring to soil and crop health.

Adam Dahmer


Cover Crop Seeds

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Cover CropRollers

Advanced Cover Crops only selects the best products in the industry. Our selection of Crop Rollers has over 20 years of design innovation with the Rodale Institute. These Crop Rollers are engineered to be user friendly with lasting quality for an extended life span.

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Rolling Cover Crops With Crop Roller - Advance Cover Crops

Improves Weed Suppression

Rolling and compressing improves the weed suppression of the cover crops.

Cover Crop - Corn Growing Through Cover Crops - Advance Cover Crops

Reduces Herbicide Use

One pass with a roller can turn vetch into a 5-inch thick, weed-suppressing mulch.

Filling Crop Roller With Water - Advance Cover Crops

Add Extra Weight

Add up to 75 lbs. per linear foot with water or other liquids to enhance performance.


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