Triticale Seeds


Seed Specs

  • Average seed per pound: 22,700
  • Emergence time: 6 – 8 days
  • Minimum soil temperature for germination: 38 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Drill: 50 – 90 pounds per acre
  • Broadcast with light incorporation: 55 – 99 pounds per acre
  • Aerial or surface seeding: 60 – 108 pounds per acre

Cover Crop Information

Triticale is a mix between wheat and a cereal rye plant. As far as amount of growth it is very similar to that of a cereal rye plant, growing three to five feet in height. It also has an excellent fibrous root system that makes it an excellent choice for preventing erosion, scavenging for nutrients, and also building soil structure.

Triticale has excellent grazing and forage values, and when mixed with a crop like annual rye grass its benefits are enhanced even more. In some areas when conditions are favorable, farmers will plant the triticale in the late summer, early fall, cut it for hay that fall, allow growing back in the spring and removing up to two more cuttings under the proper management.

Triticale has a heavy residue on the surface much like that of cereal rye if allowed to reach maturity, thus making it a good choice for weed suppression also.

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