Sudangrass Seeds


Seed Specs

  • Average seed per pound: 30,000 – 43,000
  • Emergence time: 10 days
  • Minimum soil temperature for germination: 65 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Drill: 15 – 20 pounds per acre
  • Broadcast with light incorporation: 17 – 22 pounds per acre
  • Aerial or surface seeding: Not recommended

Cover Crop Information

Sudangrass leaves resemble that of a corn plant leaves. It has a smaller stalk than sorghum-sudangrass, however has many of the same advantages.
Sudangrass performs very well in warmer, drier conditions, and does an excellent job of improving the soil structure. It is an effective tool to use for weed suppression in the summer time, and has excellent grazing and forage qualities. When mowing, never mow lower than six inches if good regrowth is desired.

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