Japanese Millet Seeds


Seed Specs

  • Average seed per pound: 142,900
  • Emergence time: 3 – 5 days
  • Minimum soil temperature for germination: 65 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Drill: 12 – 15 pounds per acre
  • Broadcast with light incorporation: 13 – 17 pounds per acre
  • Aerial or surface seeding: Not recommended

Cover Crop Information

Japanese Millet is a summer annual that has a thicker stem than other millets. It does an excellent job in handling heat and drought conditions, but does not tolerate shade, flooding, or ponding. Japanese millet is a good choice if you are needing to do a mid-summer planting, and will help with soil erosion, nitrogen scavenging, and also soil building. It can also be used as a forage, and also for grazing.

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